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Welcome to Charlie Chaplin Music! On this site, I explore a relatively little-discussed aspect of Chaplin’s career—Charlie Chaplin the composer. In addition, this site also serves as a companion to my book, The Music of Charlie Chaplin.

Chaplin may not have known how to read or write music, but he was involved in his scores at the deepest level. No matter who he worked with on his scores—from Arthur Johnston and Alfred Newman on CITY LIGHTS in 1931 to Eric James and Eric Rogers on his new score for 1923’s A WOMAN OF PARIS, written in 1974—there’s no mistaking Chaplin’s fingerprint on the music. From hits like “Smile” and “This Is My Song” to his earliest compositional efforts in 1916, Chaplin’s musical career spans six decades.

On this site I’ll share my enthusiasm for this little-known aspect of Chaplin’s life and hopefully encourage fans to discover a new appreciation for Chaplin’s already bountiful talent. Join me as I unearth interesting artifacts from the Chaplin Archive in Bologna (and the music archive in Montreux) and other out-of-the-way crevices of the world.

For more information on The Music of Charlie Chaplin, please visit JimLochner.com. Thanks for stopping by. Please visit again soon…and often!


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