Chaplin Music Timeline

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March 18

Charles Chaplin Sr. born

Charles Chaplin, Sr.
Chaplin’s father was born in Marylebone, London, and would go on to achieve a level of fame on the English music hall stage.
October 7

Louis F. Gottschalk born

Louis F. Gottschalk

The composer was born in St. Louis, Missouri. Chaplin worked with Gottschalk on the scores for A WOMAN OF PARIS.

August 6

Hannah Harriet Pedlingham Hill born

Hannah Harriett Pedlingham Hill

Chaplin’s mother was born in Walworth, London. Known as Lily Harley on stage, Chaplin described her in his autobiography as “a mignonne in her late twenties, with fair complexion, violet-blue eyes and long light-brown hair that she could sit upon. … Though she was not an exceptional beauty, [my brother Syd and I] thought her divine-looking.”

January 18

Kate Hill born

Born in Walworth, London, Chaplin’s aunt was also a music hall performer by the name of Kitty Fairdale. Hannah wrote songs like “My Lady Friend” and “The Lady Judge” for her younger sister.

October 31

Carl Edouarde born

Carl Edouarde

The longtime musical director at the Strand Theatre in New York was born in Cleveland, Ohio. Edouarde helped compile the score and conducted the premiere of THE KID in 1921.

November 2

Adolf Tandler born

Adolf Tandler

Born in Vienna, the former director of the Los Angeles Symphony Orchestra conducted the LA premiere of A WOMAN OF PARIS at the new Criterion (formerly the Kinema) Theatre—completely from memory.

May 7

Frederick Stahlberg born

Frederick Stahlberg

Born in Ketzin, Germany, Stahlberg emigrated to the US at age 22 as the protégé of Victor Herbert, who appointed him the first violinist of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. Stahlberg later adapted Louis F. Gottshalk’s revised A WOMAN OF PARIS compilation score for print.

January 16

Arthur Kay born

Arthur Kay

Kay had studied composition with Max Bruch and orchestrations with Engelbert Humperdinck at the Royal Conservatory in his hometown of Berlin. He was part of Victor Herbert’s musical staff for 12 years before becoming Musical-Director-General of the Grauman Theatres. Also a composer for silent films, Kay helped Chaplin compile the score for THE CIRCUS and conducted its Los Angeles premiere.

June 22
Wedding Ring icon

Wedding Bells

Charles Chaplin, Sr., and Hannah Hill marry.

November 6

Gus Kahn born

Gus Kahn

Born in Koblenz, Germany, the popular Tin Pan Alley lyricist (“On the Sunny Side of the Street,” “Yesterdays,” “Ain’t We Got Fun,” “My Buddy,” “I’ll See You In My Dreams,” “It Had To Be You”) copyrighted a lyric in 1925 titled “I Like That Little One” to a melody composed by Chaplin and bandleader Abe Lyman. Though Chaplin didn’t use the lyric, he released a song with the same melody—“Sing a Song.”

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