Chaplin Scores Released Digitally

Fans of Chaplin’s music rejoice! Association Chaplin has recently released the original scores to four of Chaplin’s films (as well as the classic end speech from THE GREAT DICTATOR) for the first time ever. Snippets of the original soundtracks have been available on compilation albums over the years, but usually with less-than-optimal sound quality.

Available digitally from both iTunes and Amazon, the scores range from Chaplin’s first (CITY LIGHTS, 1931) to his late style where we went back and added scores to his early silents. THE GOLD RUSH is of particular interest as it is presented in its 1942 version without Chaplin’s voiceover, music only. There are minimal sound effects here and there, but this should not detract—or deter—you from enjoying this fine slate of releases. The focus is on Chaplin’s music, as it should be.

Let’s hope there are more scores in the pipeline to be released.

UPDATE 2019: All of Chaplin’s soundtracks have been released by the Chaplin office, except for A COUNTESS FROM HONG KONG, though that LP is available digitally as well.

  1. Jim, let me introduce myself. I am a huge Chaplin fan (have been since the a age of 5) I am now 55. I have collect Chaplin music since my first visit to a record shop when I saw a Chaplin album, thinking at the time this must be really old.
    Anyway I have collected Chaplin music ever since. I also travelled to Bologna last June to attend the Chaplin 100 conference, which was one of the greatest events I have ever attended. Meeting the Chaplin family and all the people associated with the Chaplin Estate. I have lots of DVDs and of course books on Chaplin. I’m also a huge collector of Buster Keaton and anything to do with silent cinema which of course was never silent, because of the live music that was played on the set and in the cinema.
    This is a wonderful website you have keep up the passion.
    Emanuel Sclarr

  2. Hi Emanuel,
    It’s a pleasure to meet you. I was at the conference in Bologna as well. I presented a paper on the music of City Lights. It’s a shame we didn’t have a chance to connect while we were there. But I’m glad you said hello here. Welcome to the site. 🙂

  3. I’ve purchased all the CDs and are now part of my most favorite music collection. The music is so beautiful.

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