Jacques Lasry


In the 1950s, Lasry and his friend François Baschet invented the Cristal, a metal construction that produces sound from oscillating glass cylinders. With his wife Yvonne and Bernard Baschet, they formed the quartet Les Structures Sonores Lasry-Baschet, which toured in Europe, performed on The Ed Sullivan Show, and recorded several albums, including the avant-garde Chronophagie (The Time Eaters) (1969). From 1957–1958, Lasry composed and arranged the music for thirty-nine broadcasts of Francis Claude’s radio program Monsieur Flute s’en mêle. He composed ballets and began scoring films, including Le songe des chevaux sauvages (1960), Le roi du village (1963), and Elle est à tuer (1964). In 1968, Lasry converted to Orthodox Judaism, abandoning all of his professional activities. A decade later, Lasry and his wife moved to Israel to settle down in Jerusalem, where he died at age 96.

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